Gamxing® was developed by healthcare experts who understand the complexities behind compliance training today. There is constant pressure to providing quality care for your patients, meeting their needs and demands while also ensuring you carefully protect their personal health information. By ensuring your employees are properly learning and retaining the HIPAA, OSHA and other compliance training they need, your organization will be better protected from costly breaches, fines or other liabilities.

You should not require any upgrades to your computer. Our games use standard 3-D Unity platform. If you do not already have the software, it will be automatically downloaded to your computer as soon as you begin playing your first game.

We are constantly adding to our library of games. We have HIPAA, OSHA and Sexual Harassment games. You may purchase different packages of these games, including having games customized for your organization. Our website is constantly being updated to show our newest library of games additions.

After you have successfully registered, and create your log-in credentials, you will be able to log in and begin playing the games. You will use these credentials to login to your personal game portal which will allow you to have access to all of the games for which you have registered. Directions for each game are included in a link on the home page of the game. You may play the games in any order and will be able to play each game up to 10 times. Standard passing score is 80%, unless your organization has made customized arrangements for a different passing score level.

The Rule Text provides you with the actual text of the regulation. At any time, if you would like more information or to review the actual rule involved in a scene or game, you may click on this button to stop the game and read the text.

The Rule Summary provides a synopsis of the rule, and where applicable, best practices around the rule.

Purchases your games is simple. You may call us, or email us, at any time to place you order. We accept all major credit cards. 1-855-949-GAME (4263) or

You can login in to your account at , through the log in link on the top of the home page of gamxing® site.

When you log in please see the right top corner of the webpage where you will find MyGamxing®, and there is a submenu item as Edit Profile, when you click on Edit Profile you get the options to edit your profile.

Don't worry. If you have forgotten you password, you can just click on "forgot password" link which is available on the login page

The Training Center page provides each user all the information needed to monitor their progress as they achieve mastery of the game packages for which they have been assigned and navigate to the game play pages. Users can view the overall progress with the package dashboard. They can then drill down and view reports that detail their progression through the package on the Summary report and view statistics on all games they have played. They can also view and print certificates of completion for each package,

The Admin Center page provides the administrator of each package licensed by an organization with the critical information needed to manage and monitor the licenses assigned, game play statistics and overall and detailed level package completion rates of the users assigned.