The Science of Gaming

Gamification is the science of using a game based platform in place of traditional methodologies to achieve employee or customer engagement.

Game mechanics include various scenarios, puzzles, points, timers, leaderboards and celebrations which change the employee attitude from a 'have to do it' to a 'want to do it' .

Ineffective training can lead to work place errors which in turn can result in breaches, loss of data and privacy. Ultimately, inadequately trained employees can mean high fines, reputational damage and even loss of life.

The learning environment is filled with details that trigger real life experiences.

A better way to learn is through gamification

Independent studies have shown that training via games:

Significantly increases participants' test scores

(Gameplay in Higher Education: The use of Serious Games vs. Traditional Instructional Methods in Learning, Mark Thomas Gale, Auburn, Alabama, May 9, 2011, Page 91)

Improves participant understanding by 28%

Allows a participant to master a new subject up to 70% faster

A large percentage of the Global 1000 organizations are using gamification as the primary mechanism to transform their business operations & training processes. As per Gartner one in four redesigned business processes will incorporate gamification techniques.