Gamxing offers pre-built packages in Healthcare, Cyber Awareness, Employee orientation and many more.

Gamxing offers custom built training at no additional cost* for specific needs of your organization.

Gamxing reinforces training every month with 3-5 minute games. These are created using real time cases that we track all over the US.

We help organizations of all shapes and sizes to develop innovative learning solutions via games

Gamxing provides a fun learning environment for the end user while supplying valuable analytics to the management by tracking every click of the trainee.

Training Analytics provides insights into employee trends. This helps the management to take better decisions on the type of focussed training needed as opposed to using blanket training every time.

Gamxing offers a customized setting for both beginner and advanced trainees to maximize their output in a short time, which makes a big difference for learners.

Gamxing continuously develops different types of games to keep your employees engaged. Scenario-based games provide a great experience for both you and your employees. Other concept games include puzzles and rock gardens that focus on a specific important regulation of office policies. Gamxing® will provide a superior learning experience over traditional learning methods.

Utilize Gamxing® Deep Dive Data Analytics to gain critical insight and information that allows you to evaluate and track your team's strengths and weaknesses around specific regulatory subjects. The Gamxing® team can then work with you to design customized games to address your employees' specific needs, no matter what their level of expertise.

With the help of Gamxing®, players learn through a quick and efficient gaming environment -- allowing intuitive learning for professionals at all levels, from the new staff member to the long-term office manager. You will find levels of games to fit every one's unique needs and interests.

Utilize Gamxing® to engage your employees and improve their understanding of and compliance with various regulations.

Reduce your overall risk by maintaining a high level of awareness throughout the year via 3-5 minute refreshers. Your employees, through repetitive play, can continue to learn and advance their knowledge of various rules and policies.

You'll find that the various games touch on multiple scenarios which keeps your employees learning. Each game gives you and your team a finite time limit to uncover in a virtual office, the breaches, insecure data and other important every day regulatory issues. Learn from mistakes made in a game rather than in real life.

Gamxing® is constantly updating our library of games and game concepts to ensure your user experience is optimal, enjoyable and educational.

Through Gamxing®, protect the security of your data and information and reduce the risk of fines, reputational damage and loss !

With a fun learning environment, employees report higher engagement and an improvement in job performance in the areas being measured, which ultimately drives results.