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Gamxing® offers a quick and efficient training environment via a games based platform. - allowing for intuitive learning for professionals at all levels, from the new staff member to the long-term employees. You will find levels of training games to fit every one's unique needs and interests. Utilize Gamxing® to engage your employees, customers & other stake holders and improve their understanding of your policies, products and government regulations. Gamxing offers constantly updated library of games to ensure your user experience is optimal, enjoyable and educational.


What is Gamification

Using slides & videos for training can be boring, tedious and down right ineffective. In class training can be expensive and equally ineffective.Training via games provides an engaging, dynamic & effective method to completely transform your organization.

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The Gamxing Difference

Gamification is the science of using a game based platform in place of traditional methodologies to achieve employee or customer engagement.Game mechanics include various scenarios, puzzles, points, timers, leaderboards and celebrations which change the employee attitude from a 'have to do it' to a 'want to do it' .

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Enhanced learning mechanisms like gamification reduce the need for repeated training.Analytics give you valuable insights to optimize and reduce costs.The employee's lack of an understanding of regulations causes a security breach that could lead to costly fines and law suits.

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Why Gamxing

Ineffective training can lead to work place errors which in turn can result in breaches, loss of patient data and privacy. Ultimately, improperly trained employees can mean high fines, reputational damage and even loss of life. There is a better way to learn.
Independent studies have shown that training via games:

  • Significantly increases participants' test scores.
  • Improves participant understanding by 28%.
  • Allows a participant to master a new subject up to 70% faster.