Transform Your Training

Using slides & videos for training can be boring, tedious and down right ineffective. In class training can be expensive and equally ineffective.

Training via games provides an engaging, dynamic & effective method to completely transform your organization.

Assigning activities or providing training that your employees perceive as meaningless or as a waste of time is the quickest way to de-motivate them.

Gamxing uses scenarios from real time cases to help your organization unravel complex regulations.

Most organizations are set on delivering engaging and memorable learning experiences, but do not know how to go about it. We at Gamxing can help navigate the gaming world and show all stakeholders in the organization that a fresh, fun approach makes good business sense.

Gamxing offers pre-built packages in Healthcare, Cyber Awareness, Employee orientation and many more.

Gamxing offers custom built training at no additional cost* for specific needs of your organization.

Gamxing reinforces training and changing regulations every month with 3-5 minute games. These are created using real time cases that we track all over the US.

We help organizations of all shapes and sizes to develop innovative learning solutions via games

Training Analytics

Gamxing provides a fun learning environment for the end user while supplying valuble analytics to the management by tracking every click of the trainee.

Training Analytics provides insights into employee trends. This helps the management to take better decisions on the type of focussed training needed as opposed to using blanket training every time.

Gamxing offers a customized setting for both beginner and advanced trainees to maximize their output & time, which makes a big difference for learners.